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A new brand for the energy transition

In the drive to get to net zero, new approaches to energy sources are being adopted. Distributed energy locates electricity generators closer to where the energy is used. In 2017 Centrica launched a new global energy business targeting large energy users. Our task was to create a new B2B brand.

Centrica needed to achieve cut-through fast. The challenge was to find a fresh way to talk about energy. We found it at source. Without power, everything stops. This inspired the idea – the ‘power of power’, brought to life in an evocative story and brand expression, new website and supporting collateral.

Distributed energy is a complicated concept. We needed to explain it to audiences unfamiliar with the term. We used film and animation to communicate how it works and how it benefits the environment.

Centrica needed to build a new B2B business fast. We used research to identify customers’ core needs and defined value propositions and we created a suite of sales enablement materials to help teams sell.

We worked collaboratively with multiple agencies, playing the role of brand communications lead to ensure that the intent of the brand expression, both visual and verbal, was implemented to a high standard.


Following its 2017 launch, the business now partners with 7,000+ businesses globally with annual revenues of £680m.

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