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A story to help organisations grow sustainably

Xynteo had a complicated offer, and needed to tell it to more people, more simply. In a world of businesses talking ‘green’ and ‘net-zero’, we gave them a story that explained how they help large organisations work in coalitions to grow in ways that are good for the planet.

The ‘Grow Forward’ story helped them articulate their point of view that shared global problems need new models of growth that benefit people and planet. Xynteo helps businesses find them.

We helped Xynteo explain how their coalition-based offer uses the power of ‘with’ to overcome problems that are too big, too complex and too expensive to tackle alone. Xynteo takes executives out of their day-to-day business environments to explore different ways of tackling seemingly unsolvable problems.

The ‘Grow Forward’ story formed the basis for proposition development, web design and corporate communications. It also inspired the ‘Build Ahead’ coalition partnership addressing the challenges of making India’s construction industry more sustainable.


The positioning became the foundation for the ‘Build Ahead’ coalition partnership, created to address the challenge of making India’s construction industry more sustainable.

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