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Making a member organisation relevant again

The Institute of Directors is the only institute in the world to offer qualifications for directors under royal charter. The charter, awarded in 1906, charged the IoD with promoting free enterprise, lobbying government, and setting standards for corporate governance.

117 years on, these objectives were as important as ever. Yet they were struggling to attract new members – younger, more female, more diverse. They were also transforming every aspect of their organisation to become fit-for-purpose and future-facing. We worked with the IoD to refresh their story, highlighting the importance of professional directors to a successful economy.

We helped the IoD articulate their purpose – better directors for a better world – and created a dynamic brand expression to bring it to life, built around three personas – authority, movement and community.

The challenge was educating users about the value of IoD membership and continuing professional development and making it easy to buy both. We designed and built a new website that fulfilled several functions – member community, information hub and e-commerce.

Enhanced UI improved the user experience, streamlined user journeys and boosted site performance. We worked closely with their CRM specialists to improve site integration.

We designed two annual reports showcasing the IoD’s journey to becoming more inclusive and diverse. A cross section of members were profiled, reflecting how the organisation is changing. We continue to create content for the IoD’s role model series – a programme of inspiring stories about IoD members from all walks of life.


Since launch, the average age of new members is getting younger – from 56 to 46 and one in three new joiners is female. Sales of professional development continue to increase.

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