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Meeting the world’s sustainability challenges, now and in the future.

Global stainless steelmaker, Aperam SA, have transformed their business to offer reduced emissions, high quality stainless steel and speciality alloys. They needed a sustainability sub brand to help differentiate them in the market, communicate their commitment to getting to net zero, and demonstrate leadership in the circular economy.

Our first task was to name the sub brand. We called it Aperam Infinite, symbolising the infinite durability, recyclability and sustainability of stainless steel. It allowed us to develop a language and messaging that can be used flexibly and meaningfully – for example, unlimited potential, endless possibilities.

The logo combines elements from Aperam’s existing brand with a modified lemniscate symbol, echoing the Aperam wordmark. The lock up was designed to be both unique and ownable. The unusual symbol drove the development of a distinctive visual language in the form of a graphic shape for holding messages and images.

We worked with Aperam and their agencies to create a suite of launch materials. Aperam Infinite was well received on its debut at the Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo in 2023, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Tim di Maulo, CEO, said “We have transformed Aperam to provide sustainable, high quality stainless steel and specialty alloys at the scale the world needs. Welcome to an infinite world, full of opportunities and possibilities.”

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